Having a Unique Cinema Experience with the people of your Choice 

 Having a Unique Cinema Experience with the people of your Choice 

Even though your neighborhood cinema is available for business, you may choose not to enter, especially if you want to watch a popular performance in which every seat is taken. Regardless of whether everyone wears a mask, health experts caution that being indoors and inhaling the same air as large crowds increases your chance of catching the airborne coronavirus. 

Various movie theatre chains will lease you a space for private showings if you still want to enjoy the silver screen with a more intimate group of people you know and trust. 

Let us explain how to get the hire a screen leasing process started, how many guests you can invite, the restrictions on theatre snacks, and more. You should be aware that theatres could have certain policies in place to assist curb the spread of COVID-19, and as usual, you accept some amount of personal risk if you engage in activities away from home. 

The following information will help you plan your movie theatre showing. 

Finding a theatre space to rent 

Visit the website for cinema rentals and complete the form there to reserve a theatre space. Included are the movies you want to see, the day, the hour, and the theatre. Along with your name, you will also need to include your email address. Rest assured that reservations must be made at least 1 week in early. 

Several Features and Benefits of booking a theater 

The goal of the cinema’s design was to provide you with the finest possible movie-going experience. Keeping this in mind, you may order concessions when scheduling your event so you won’t have to wait in line for food. This is especially useful if you’re traveling with lots of people because all you have to do is walk there, and your refreshments will be ready and waiting. 

The 30-second clip you may make with your photos, videos, and written personal message that will be displayed on the large screen preceding your movie is another entertaining option worth highlighting. Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, or use the occasion to let your visitors know how much they matter to you. 

We want you to have a unique cinematic experience, so you may pick a film from our selection of popular seasonal classics to the newest blockbusters. Please feel free to browse our genre-separated movie collection or even just use the search bar to pick your holiday favorites.  You have been considered in the design of our booking procedure. We intentionally made the booking process as quick and simple as we could since we understand how vital it is to enjoy a pleasant experience.