Top 7 Benefits of HIIT Workouts 

 Top 7 Benefits of HIIT Workouts 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is any exercise in which you alternate periods of work at the highest possible tempo with periods at a slower tempo or even a rest from the load. Sound too simple to be effective? As we all know, everything brilliant is simple.

Suitable With a Busy Schedule

Want to work out at lunchtime or get back in great shape for the New Year? Numerous studies show that you don’t need to “kill yourself” on machines or run for an hour every day – you can achieve high results, exercising 3 times a week for only 15 minutes. For example, the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting experiment confirmed that by doing HIIT for 2 weeks, your exercise capacity increases by the same amount as after 6-8 weeks of regular endurance training.

Allows You to Burn More Fat

Not only do you lose more calories during HIIT, but you maximize your metabolism by working at high intensity. As a result, you stand a good chance of burning more fat within 24 hours of your workout and spending more time on relaxation, like playing at an online casino NZ or reading books.

No Fitness Equipment Required

Running on a treadmill, pedaling, jumping rope, and rowing go well with HIIT. However, you can easily do without additional equipment and exercise machines. Running in place, high knee lifts, or any plyometric exercise (lunges, etc.) will also raise your heart rate. And some equipment (such as light dumbbells) can even make HIIT less effective, since you should be focusing on increasing your heart rate, mail order weed ontario.


Helps “Melt” Fat, but Not Muscle

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you probably know how difficult it isn’t to lose muscle mass along with fat. HIIT (as well as strength training) allows you to preserve muscles, providing weight loss solely by burning fat (that’s a win!), unlike regular cardio, which along with fat reserves sends “into the furnace” muscle fibers as well.

Stimulates Growth Hormone Production

Besides burning fat and preserving muscle, HIIT also stimulates the production of up to 450% growth hormone within 24 hours of exercise. And that’s great because it’s the hormone that not only helps your body burn calories, but it also slows down the aging process and helps you look younger.

Allows You to Work Out Anywhere

You can workout anywhere – in the gym, in your apartment, outside, etc. That’s because the goal of the exercise is very simple – get to the maximum in a short period of time, then rest a little and repeat this sequence again (and so on to the very end). It’s up to you where and when to do it!

Useful for Many Chronic Diseases

Many people with chronic diseases condemn themselves to a sedentary life, believing that vigorous exercise can harm their health or that they can not cope with such a load. However, recent research by scientists proves otherwise. It turns out that high intensity exercise may be more beneficial than regular aerobic exercise for people suffering from heart and lung disease, diabetes, arthritis, or stroke, preventing the worsening of diseases. Alternating fast and slow intervals has a better effect on cardiovascular and respiratory function, as well as metabolic and mechanical function, compared to continuous moderate exercise.